Fac a Volano 350 VO-L


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as for cost and availabily

+39 (02) 89402588

as for cost and availabily

+39 (02) 89402588


Manual flywheel slicer:

The “Volano” models are made of oven-baked aluminium with steel components, they mainly come in traditional, basic colours such as dark red and black, but various others colours conforming to the RAL colour chart are available.

Customised versions with different sizes and various decorations are also available on request: Rose-dented for all models - daisy-dented for flywheel 250 and 300 only.


Data sheet

Ø Blade: 350 mm
Cut thickness: 0-3 mm
Cut Capacity Circle: 176 mm
Net weight: 62 kg

Dimension (mm)

A=400  B=520  C=640  D=930  E=760

Dimension and weight stand

55 x 45 x 80h cm

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