Berkel Volano B2


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as for cost and availabily

+39 (02) 89402588

as for cost and availabily

+39 (02) 89402588


Manual flywheel slicer:

  • Flower flywheel
  • Stainless steel receiving tray and parts
  • Feet can be installed in two different configurations
  • Built-in sharpener
  • Slice thickness adjustment system with decimal advance
  • Overplate, meat table, receiving tray and sharpener can be easily removed for cleaning
  • Partially removable blade guard for safety and cleaning

Data sheet

Ø Blade: 265 mm
Cut thickness: 0-135 mm
Cut Capacity Circle: 176 mm
Net weight: 33 kg

Dimension (mm)

A=176  B=190  C=165  D=395  E=330

F=460  G=675  H=530  I=570  L=33

Dimension and weight stand

58 x 58 x 78h cm

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